Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The Rail on Tom DeLay

Over the course of the last few weeks, The Rail has written extensively on the Tom DeLay issue: Because those posts are not organized in any particular fashion and are now hard to find, I’ve listed them here in a summary page.

Posts are listed from first to most recent:

9/28/2005 DeLay is History
9/29/2005 One Question for Tom DeLay
9/30/2005 The waiver of the statute of limitations is important
9/30/2005 An Attorney's take on the DeLay waiver
9/30/2005 DeLay addresses the waiver
10/1/2005 Tom DeLay's explanation
10/5/2005 DeLay's Hail Mary
10/6/2005 More on the DeLay indictments
10/7/2005 Did Fox News provide the new evidence?
10/9/2005 The case against Tom DeLay
10/9/2005 Thoughts from others on Tom Delay
10/10/2005 Connecting money to political power: Tom DeLay

Warts and all, unedited. That’s my Tom DeLay collection for the moment.